We Are Norwalk Now

Linda Kavanagh

We Are Norwalk Now.

We are thrilled to introduce Norwalk Now to you, the consumer, and the businesses that are the pulse of this active and always evolving New York suburb. Norwalk Now is the brainchild of the Norwalk Parking Authority, whose financial support and tenacity have been instrumental in getting this collaborative marketing initiative off the ground.

Norwalk Now is a marketing and public relations support arm for the dining, retail, and recreational businesses throughout Norwalk’s urban core that choose to participate in this group effort. It also serves as an information hub for consumers. Norwalk Now is managed by, MaxEx Public Relations, LLC, 20-year veterans of hospitality public relations in Connecticut.

The MaxEx / Norwalk Now team is comprised of MaxEx Founder Linda Kavanagh, a former chef turned publicist. Linda launched MaxEx PR in 1997 and has since worked with over 300 restaurant brands throughout Connecticut and New York, with her main focus deeply rooted in Fairfield County. She is the Co-founder of the New England Culinary Group, A 501 (c) 6 comprised of a vast array of talented individuals who specialize in providing restaurants and hotels with the necessary products, services, and guidance to create, open, and operate a successful business. Linda is also an accomplished food and travel writer, taking to the pages of Venü Magazine among other national consumer and trade publications.

Senior Public Relations Associate Andrea Viscuso brings over a decade of experience working in travel and lifestyle public relations agencies throughout New York. Understanding that promoting a brand these days extends beyond traditional media relations, Andrea continually scouts influential marketing opportunities and partnerships. Andrea is the driving force behind Norwalk Now’s on-going media outreach, which reaches both regional and national audiences.

Social Media Director Julie Webel combines her social media expertise with her passion for food photography to create a social media presence across many platforms on behalf of the businesses she represents. Crafting broad reaching campaigns on multiple platforms, Julie integrates all aspects of social media into a robust, comprehensive and visually exciting dialogue that attracts followers and grows businesses.

Writer / Photographer Kate Schlientz's professional track is rooted in journalism, writing for such regional outlets as the Journal News and Westchester Magazine. Kate's natural ability to connect fellow foodies to the best food, events, and restaurants in Westchester and Fairfield counties can be heard on the airwaves on "Fork This with IntoxiKate", a weekly talk radio show which airs on 1490 WGCH and podcast. Kate is a regular contributor for Symrise In-Sight, a B2B blog run by one of the largest flavor companies in the world. 

The Norwalk Now brand and all of its sharper and larger than life incarnations is the creation of Box 8 Brand Studio, Connecticut’s leading creative agency who continues to be at the forefront of brand identity for the hospitality industry, with over 35 restaurant marques in operation to date. Box 8 is an instrumental part of the Norwalk Now team, keeping our website, print and digital materials, and our identity relevant.