Tap into the Tapas at Washington Prime

Kate Schlientz

When you think Washington Prime, your mind probably wanders to that 21-day wet-aged Tomahawk Ribeye with a bone positioned like an arrow, beckoning you to slice into that tender red meat cooked to perfection.

But the next time you visit the SONO meat mecca, let your eye wander away from the signature steaks for a second, and take the time to peruse the appetizer section of the menu. Here, you’ll find something for everyone—from your gluten-free friend to (gasp!) veggie lovers.

Tapas are certainly trending—on average, entrée portions are getting smaller, yet remain sharable, allowing you to explore many flavors on menus. The dishes at Washington Prime are generous, so more than a few forks can dig in and explore. And while I’m willing to bet I can’t talk you into a total tapas meal—it’s tough to compete with that coveted beef!—I do suggest you roll in with a few friends, order a few “small” plates to try, and pair them with WP’s killer cocktails. I promise you’ll still have room for a serious steak.

From signature steakhouse favorites like the Spinach and Artichoke Dip to surprises like the Poutine (holy cheese curds!), Washington Prime has a pretty significant list to dive into. Here are a few favorites:

One of the highlights on the menu is the Roots + Honey, perfect for those veggie lovers. Here, local root vegetables (very “in” for 2018) are combined with honey, goat cheese, and walnuts to prove that you don’t need meat to have a little fun with flavor. (And you’ll still have room for that 22-oz Ribeye.)

The Ahi Poke is also a highlight. The sushi-grade tuna is tossed with heirloom tomato, red onion, garlic, truffle oil, and a jalapeño-tomato relish, then topped with toasted sliced almonds for a bit of crunch.

But if you’re committed to red meat for the evening—listen, I don’t blame you!—start with the Prime Steak Tartare. The prime beef is served diced with shallots, parsley, parmesan, and truffle vinaigrette with a quail egg on the side. #yesplease

Washington Prime
14 Washington Street
South Norwalk, CT