Building Beer Menus + Kicking Kegs with Killer B

Kate Schlientz

A dude walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a Fuzzy Baby Duck. 

There’s no punchline, and it’s bound to happen at Killer B, where bacon, burgers, bourbon, and (you guessed it) beer rule the menu. The beer mecca is one of the only bars in Norwalk bound to have the Fuzzy Baby Ducks IPA, brewed by New England Brewing Co. out of Woodbridge, CT, on tap. And if you consider yourself a craft beer connoisseur, you’ll know just exactly how hard it is to get your hands on.

When it comes to building the best beer program, Daniel Valesquez, general manager and beverage boss, focuses on a delicate balancing act, offering traditional craft beers, but also tapping exciting small batches new to the area and market. (And, of course, working in a variety of IPAs, heavier stouts, and everything in between.)

While IPAs can take up to 70% of his beer list (we are in New England, after all!), Valesquez says the popularity of the trending style is continuing as brewmasters experiment with flavors like citrus and florals.

IntoxiKate chats with Valesquez about building the best beer program (and tastes a few craft brews on air)

With craft brew lovers well “in the know” about what’s up and coming, to Valesquez, it has also become a bit more challenging to play the introductory role to smaller breweries. Throwing another hop in the mix? Diners are also looking for beverages to pair well with their food, accentuating the hops (okay, and BACON!) on the menu.

And while I’ve built it up to almost an impossible task, Killer B manages to come away, week after week, with a knowledgeable staff armed with a stellar beer menu. To check out what’s currently on tap—kegs like Fuzzy Baby Duck often get kicked in just a few days—check out them out on Untappd (

It’s clear—to this Norwalk hot spot, beer is no joke.

In addition to the robust beer list, Killer B is also known for their craft cocktails, often using trending tricks and tips to enhance the flavors of the bourbon-based cocktails.

Killer B: 80 Washington St., Norwalk, CT, 203-853-2326,