O'Neill's Irish Pub & Restaurant

The Brothers O’Neill opened O’Neill’s Irish Pub and Restaurant on St. Patrick’s Day of 1999 presenting the very best that Irish pub culture has to offer. Taking their cues from one of Dublin’s oldest and respected pubs in Ireland, The Brian Boru in Glasnevin, the Brothers O’Neill, and their inviting team has won the hearts of many in search of a warm welcoming environment, good company, great food, and great drink with true Irish hospitality.

In 2008 O’Neill’s embarked upon creating a state of the art new restaurant/pub construction with plenty of parking and outdoor dining. The stately turret-style brick façade, with its cone-shaped roof and arch-shaped windows, gives way into a 3,500 sq ft interior of oak and glass touches with Celtic knot designs, claret banquettes with matching stools and chairs, and deep-hued multi-colored ceilings, all blending to form a classic Irish Pub look. The new space solidified O’Neill’s as an anchor restaurant within the community.

The menu includes a tribute to the O’Neill’s hometown; The Tipperary blue and gold (county colors) burger; Irish scones made from a recipe of Mrs. O’Neill; The Rasher And Apple Sandwich, heaped with thinly sliced Irish bacon (lean smoked pork loin; juicy Pork Chops served with bourbon-laced stewed apples; whiskey infused Gaelic steak, and brunch favorites such as a traditional Irish breakfast of eggs, rashers, Irish pudding, bangers, grilled tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, home fries,  and scones. 

O’Neill’s takes pride in participating in many fundraisers and events and continues to give back to the community through annual Cancer Care golf outings, St Baldrick’s head shavings, Dine-Out for Education Programs, and many more causes that they are passionate about.