Friday 21 Jun
Friday 21 Jun 11:00 AM - 11:59 PM

International Make Music Day Norwalk - Friday, June 21
Norwalk, Connecticut to be Included in the Over 5,000+ Live and Free
Music-Making Events to Launch this Summer in Over 80 U.S. Cities

Make Music Day, the annual global celebration of music occurring on the summer solstice will be held on Friday, June 21 with over 5,000 free indoor/outdoor concerts, music lessons, jam sessions and other magnificent music-making events being held in more than 80 U.S. cities. A worldwide phenomenon observed by hundreds of millions of people in more than 1,000 cities in 120 countries, MMD is a day-long musical free-for-all which brings musicians of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels together to make, enjoy, perform, teach and learn about music. Among the U.S. cities hosting major celebrations is Norwalk, CT. Spearheaded by the Wall Street Neighborhood Association and Norwalk Now, Make Music Day Norwalk announces its preliminary music line-up which features over 30 live performances including both amateur and professional acts, music school and high school musicians, the premiere of Danny Evans’ “Norwalk Now” song, and so much more. (see below).

(Neighborhood) Time: Location Musician

(East Norwalk) 12-12:30 PM: Wall Street Theater Make Music Day Commencement Ceremony with Mayor Harry Rilling
Music by Jim Clark and friends featuring Neddy G Smith

(East Norwalk) 12-1:30 PM: Harbor Harvest Market Joni Wallace

(SoNo) 12-1:30 PM: Caffe Social Nick DuPuy

(SoNo) 12-1:30 PM: Donovan’s Ecoustic Rock Monster

(Wall Street) 12-3 PM: BJ Ryan's Banc House Sam Gironda

(Wall Street) 1-2 PM: Cafe Aroma Gabi & Cash

(SoNo) 1-5 PM: Lockwood Matthews Mansion Annalisa Ewald and Friends

(SoNo) 2-4:45 PM:  Sono1420 Distillery Groovement featuring Stephen Walton, Dennis Warren & Tor Synder

(SoNo) 2:30-4 PM: Burger Bar & Bistro Dandelyin

(Wall Street) 3-4 PM"Burton Alley" by Wall Street Theater Jan Villatore (folk duo)

(East Norwalk) 3-5 PM: Mr. Frosty’s Norwalk High School Jazz Combo

(Wall Street) 4 - 5:30 PM: Norwalk Public Library - Belden "The CUkes - Ukulele Play-Along w/ FREE Ukulele Books

courtesy of Alfred Publishing (First Come First Serve) Bring your Ukes!"

(East Norwalk) 4 - 4:45: JAM at Liberty Square Drum Circle

(Wall Street) 4-10 PM: Mad Lab Music MADness Featuring Avenue, Hosemen & Andrew Alarcon

(Wall Street) 4-5 PM:  64 Wall Street Mary Shaw

(SoNo) 5-7 PM: Sono 1420 Distillery  Nicholas Sproviero

(East Norwalk)  5-7 PM:  Knot Norm’s Jeff Fox

(SoNo) 5-7 PM:  O'Neill's Pub & Restaurant Jeff2E

(SoNo) 5-7 PM: The Spread Joni & The Keepers

(SoNo) 5-7 PM: Burger Bar & Bistro Paul Green Rock Academy

(SoNo) 5-7 PM: Donovan’s Al Rivoli

(Wall Street) 5-7 PM: House of Katia Melody Manning + Dandelyin

(Wall Street) 5-9 PM: Freese Park Smokin' Charlie - Juicy Grapes - Brian Larney

(SoNo) 6-8 PM: Public Wine Bar Bar Velez

(Wall Street) 6-9 PM: Norwalk Boat Club The Tree Shakers

(Wall Street) 6-8 PM: Troupe 429 Acoustic Happy Hour Hosted by Ivy

(Calf Pasture) 6-9 PM: Ripka’s Cafe Sam Gironda

(Wall Street) 6:30-8 PM: Norwalk Public Library Moses Brothers

(Wall Street) 6:30 - 8:00 PM: Mill Hill Historic Park Spirit of Black Rock Fife and Drum Corp

(Wall Street) 7-10 PM: Rene Soto Art Gallery Acoustic Gems & Folk Singalong

(SoNo) 7-8 PM: Sono1420 Distillery Robert Miliaresis

(Wall Street) 7-8 PM: BJ Ryan's Banc House Steve Ferentzy

(SoNo) 7-8 PM: El Segundo Danny Evans "Norwalk Now" Release Party

(Route 7)  7-8 PM: 12 Union Street Porch Concert Gratephul

(Waypointe) 8 PM-12 AM: Bobby Q’s Cue & Co. Stomp Box Relics, Ed Train Featuring Tom The Suit Forst

(SoNo) 8-9:30 PM: Sono1420 Distillery Joni & The Keepers

(SoNo) 10 PM-1 AM: The Spread DJ Party

(Wall Street) 10 PM-1 AM: Peaches Southern Pub & Juke Joint 80s DJ Party 'Darlings of CBGBs'